Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Insect Screens*

There are guests we welcome. And there are pests we don’t. Yet, they waltz into our homes and wander into our lives. Making us wonder if we can ever wriggle out.

No, we are not talking about in-laws. We are talking about the four-legged and more, feathered and what not. We are talking about the dreaded insects, their dastardly ways and their devilish intent – day in and day out – and our dejection in not being able to drive them out.

Relax, help is on hand. More precisely, in your hands! Coz, the Weatherman is here! A leader in protective yet aesthetic insect screens, Weatherman offers a range of screens and solutions to keep unwanted pests from invading your homes and increasing your blood pressure!

Let’s give you a hi-5. Five wondrous reasons why Weatherman should be your calling. To keep your home high and dry and preserved and protected!

  1. Anti-Bacterial Protection: Weatherman Insect Screens comes with world-renowned MICROBAN Protection, thus keeping your screens free from bacterial and fungal growth.
  2. Improves Indoor Air Quality: Weatherman offers the world’s first and only Insect Screens with GreenGuard Certification. GreenGuard ensures safe indoor air quality by cutting down emissions of hazardous substances that you don’t even see lurking.
  3. 95% Natural View: Weatherman’s Insect Screens don’t block your view. Even your in-laws would hardly notice its presence! It’s that invisible. Extremely thin yarns are uniquely woven to offer extreme protection leaving no gaps for insects to enter.
  4. Five Different Mesh Types: Weatherman offers you a range of meshes – Fiberglass, SS, Aluminum, Polyester and Bronze. We will also help you choose what’s just right for you – making you wonder where we were when you chose your spouse!
  5. Brand Value & After-Sales Service: Weatherman is not one of those shoot-and-scoot brands. We are here and here for the long haul. You can find us online. You can call us. You can write to us. Or you can just drop in. We are here, not just to make the sale but well after it too – to also help you when you need us!

So, what are you waiting for. Welcome the Weatherman. Not the wandering insects. Give us a call. Give yourself a break from devilish pests!

* But were afraid to ask!