Open your eyes to the new blinds!

If you think Blinds are like curtains, it’s time to put curtains to that thought!

Well, it’s not. Blinds are the next generation of window screens. The next stage in the evolution of curtains. Blinds that were once the exclusive preserve of high-end offices and star-rated hotels are finding its way into homes and apartments. Not just your normal blinds but the much advanced and value-filled Roller Blinds as well.

The major difference between Roller Blinds and curtains is not only the efficiency with which it can be operated but also in the myriad uses it can be put to. Curtains act only as a cover for the windows and they neither control heat nor allow the view for which the damn windows were put up in the first place. Also, curtains are increasingly becoming passé, cliched and old-fashioned; and can be seen only in the movies made in the 80s and 90s!

So, it’s time you opened your eyes to the new star on the horizon. Or should we say, the new kind in your window block – Roller Blinds!

Weatherman presents an exclusive series of high-performance roller blinds that not only eliminate heat by acting as a protective screen thus eliminating 95% of solar heat but also offers the luxury of 75% visibility through your windows. Your neighbours be damned!

Weatherman’s Roller Blind series offers complete privacy and at the same time allows natural light and airflow apart from offering clear visibility. I know you are surprised something can you give you such contrasting benefits. Well, that’s Weatherman for you! Blinds that blind others from seeing you but offers you an unlimited view of others!

You have to see our blinds to see all this for yourself. The oxymoron be damned!

If you care to know how it’s possible, here’s how. Our Roller Blinds are technically woven in a unique way that offers natural visibility, light flow and air flow for the viewers inside but at the same time offering a complete blackout screen on the outside disallowing viewers the pleasure of peeking into your room. During day time that is. This tends to reverse during night time but then only if there is more light inside than it is on the outside.

Weatherman has so many other advanced features, fabrics and fashion elements that we can’t do justice by just writing about them. We would love to offer you a face-to-face demonstration and would only be happy do so at your convenience.

Get in touch with Weatherman. And see what we mean!