God is the best art director, you can be No.2

Building a home is a lot of back-breaking work. Funding them is equally horrendous. Now that you have a home of your own, you might want to have some fun. And what better way to have them than with colours!

Let’s talk about colouring your home. One of the many questions people have is figuring out which is better – dark or light colours. More so for the exteriors.

Unfortunately, when considering sunlight, not all colours are created equal. So, while lighter coloured blinds and fabrics exhibit high reflectivity – black fabrics of the same composition are highly absorbent. While we all like sunny weather, we don’t want it to be hot and humid inside the home, do we?

May we suggest SheerWeave® fabrics? Brought to you by Phifer, a world leader in insect screens and sun control fabrics, SheerWeave® fabrics exhibit high reflectivity, come in artistic colours and adds to the aesthetics of your home.

Phifer set out to develop a class of SheerWeave® fabrics where darker colours performed as good, if not better than their lighter coloured counterparts. The immediate solution was to simply vapour deposit a light-reflective aluminium layer onto the fabric surface – a solution that, as it turned out, was easier said than done.

Phifer’s already best-in-class yarn making and fabric weaving capabilities and Sigma’s knowledge and capabilities in thin film manufacturing were put to the ultimate test. The result of years of painstaking research is now for all to see – SheerWeave® Performance!

The reflective characteristics of the coated fabric allow for excellent solar reflectivity, improved glare reduction, and improved outward visibility with lighter colour fabrics.

Should this interest you, and we don’t see why it wouldn’t, give Weatherman a call. We would happily bring you home the perfection of SheerWeave® – in all its colourful glory.

With Weatherman by your side, you can be the best art director in your neighbourhood. And make your neighbours go green with envy and exclaim, ‘Oh God, That’s beautiful’!

Interested? Get in touch with Weatherman!